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While you descend into The Living Infinite, you will encounter different Biomes which appear as different water layers. Each biome has an unique assortment of Enemies, Obstacles, as well as biome-specific Civilizations and Bosses. In addition, most also have unique mechanics, such as Afflictions or flood effects, making each biome challenging in its own way. All Biomes in a layer are equally likely to appear, with the exception of the first layer, where the Atlantic Waters have a higher spawn chance (50%) than the others (25% each).

During the Biome transition, you and your crew will gather for a Dinner sequence, wherein you will be able to converse and ingest Stat increasing food before you reach the next Biome.

List Of Biomes[ | ]

Top Layer[ | ]

Second Layer[ | ]

Third Layer[ | ]

Fourth Layer[ | ]

Last Layer[ | ]