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Barnacle Spider

BiomeInfected Depths

BiomeInfected Depths

BiomeInfected Depths

The Barnacle Spider is a common enemy found in the Infected Depths.

General Description[]

The Barnacle Spiders are colonial organisms comprised of experimental barnacles. They have three different stages and can appear in caves or hatch from the barnacles that form in your submarine when you have water in the sub. Additionally, multiple enemies can create them: the Barnacle Hatcher can create stage 1 Barnacle Spiders, the Barnacle Clam will release a stage 1 barnacle spider upon death and the stage 3 Barnacle Spiders will split into two stage 2 Barnacle Spiders.

They qualify as spiders for their multiple legs and the ability to walk along the ceiling, which enables them to surprise drop attacks in caves.

Ship Hatching Ability[]

All 3 variants of the Barnacle Spider have the unique ability to appear in the submarine in the Infected Depths after the submarine has taken on a moderate amount of water. After taking on water, barnacles will start appearing on the interior of the submarine and begin rapidly growing. After reaching one of three particular sizes, they will pop open and release a Barnacle Spider, which will be of different stages, depending on how much the barnacle grew before releasing the spider. This ability is especially annoying as multiple barnacles can form overlapping each other and there is no limit as to how many can appear. This unique ability arguably makes the infected depths one of the hardest and less forgiving biomes in the game.

Stage 1[]

The smallest version of the Barnacle Spider. They can easily be killed, anything stronger than a wrench kills them instantly. They can appear in Caves and can be hatched from players infected with the Barnacle Infection or from Barnacle Hatchers

Stage 2[]

The medium sized spider is like the small one, but larger and with more legs. Although not a big threat, it is much more resilient than its smaller counterpart.

Stage 3[]

The largest spider looks like a fusion between two stage 2 spiders, resulting in them turning into one. As a distinct feature, they shoot acid from their green mouths, one half covers one direction. This makes them more dangerous than their smaller counterparts because they gain range, but you can exploit the two heads: If you stand exactly in front of the spider, neither of the heads can hit you. Additionally, when its health is depleted, it will split in half, creating two Stage 2 Barnacle Spiders.

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