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Baby Lamprey
Health(ext.) 1
Health(int.) 20
Biome Dark Depths
Appearance Exterior/Interior

Baby Lampreys are uncommon enemies found in the waters of the Dark Depths.


Baby Lampreys are jawless, parasitic fish of the order Petromyzontiformes. They are the babies of the Sentient Lampreys and have not yet achieved a high level of intelligence due to their young age. Additionally, they do not have the extra limbs the adults of their species have, suggesting they may undergo some form of metamorphosis at some point in their life cycles.


They will only spawn if you kill a Sick Angler Fish, the bodies of which they were parasitizing. Hungry and searching for a new host, they will promptly attack the Submarine, latching onto it and poking their mouths inside the vessel, wherein they will flail around and bite anything that comes nearby. They can be very dangerous, as five of them will be released from their dead host, and they are capable of bringing the ship down by 5 hull points each, up to a total of 25 from a single sick angler fish. Additionally, they will damage any crewmember that gets close to them, possibly inflicting Blood Sickness, and need to be killed before one can repair the breaches they create.

Description Dark Depths
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