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Aztec Mummy
Health(int.) 300
Biome All
Appearance cave
Legends say every Summer Solstice, the mighty Sun God awakens, and with Him the many Caskets of his followers rise from the darkest parts of the Earth! These Caskets are filled with many riches, and some will contain one of 4 pieces of beautiful and rare headwear, given to the Sun God as tribute. But beware, for there's a price to pay for waking the dead.. and they don't easily part with their riches.

~ The Legend of the Sun God

Aztec Mummies are event enemies that will rise from opened Aztec Caskets.


The Aztec Mummies are the mummified remains of deceased aztecs which were ressurrected by the mighty Sun God but could not escape from their heavy caskets. The linen wrappings have mostly fallen off, revealing their rotten, partially decomposed bodies. Strangely, however, a bright, unnatural glow comes from their eyes and heart, revealing the power of the mighty Sun God which has resurrected them.


Even right after rising from their caskets, they are extremely aggressive and will immediately attack anyone that is near them. Due to their very high Health, they can be very dangerous to unprepared crews so caution is advised when opening a casket.

Description Events
Season Events Spring Frobbit •  Frobbit Egg
Summer Aztec Mummy •  Aztec Casket
Fall Pumpkin Latcher •  Pumpkin Hatchling •  Headless Horseman
Winter Sugarplum Fairy •  Rabid Rat •  Gift