Aurelian Depths

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Aurelian Depths
Layer 3
Light level Dim
Civilization Jelly Temple
Boss The Ephyra

Description[edit | edit source]

The Aurelian Depths appears as one of the third water layers, populated mostly by colorful cnidarian and annelid species, all of which having fascinating abilities and characteristics of their own, ranging from being able to release short-ranged Eletromagnetic Pulses (EMPs) to being able to resurrect the recently deceased. It's slightly dark, but visible without routing power into lights. Additionally, most enemies are bioluminescent, and there's an abundance of glowing, colorful crystals scattered around this biome. The boss of the Aurelian Depths is The Ephyra.

Water[edit | edit source]

The water in the Aurelian Depths has a distinctive purple colour, and weirdly, can be breathed through as if it was air. However, constant exposure to these seemingly harmless waters will result in contracting an unique affliction: The Golden Gift, causing mystical Jelly Crystals to start growing and protuding from your very flesh and causing unique changes to your Stats, increasing your health but also decreasing your damage, repair and breath.

Enemies[edit | edit source]

Enemy Picture Enemy Name Biome Exterior/Interior/Cave
Lion Mane Jellyfish Aurelian Depths Exterior
Burrow Worm Aurelian Depths Exterior
Jellyfritz Aurelian Depths Exterior
Micro Ephyra Aurelian Depths Exterior
Regenerator Aurelian Depths Exterior
Worm Maggot Aurelian Depths Exterior
CrystalNestPieces 0.png
Crystal Nest Aurelian Depths (Only in Awakened Mode.) Exterior
Crystal Boarder Aurelian Depths (Only in Awakened Mode.) Exterior/Interior
Crystal Bug Aurelian Depths Cave
Manowar Aurelian Depths Cave
Angel Fish Aurelian Depths Cave

Boss[edit | edit source]

The boss in the Aurelian Depths is The Ephyra, a bigger and stronger version of the Micro Ephyras in this biome.

Civilization[edit | edit source]

This biome's civilization is the Jelly Temple, a structured made out of a jelly-like substance that is populated by the peaceful Aurelias.

Description Aurelian Depths
Enemies Roaming Enemies Burrow Worm •  Jellyfritz •  Micro Ephyra •  Regenerator •  Worm Maggot
Cave Enemies Crystal Bug •  Manowar •  Angel Fish
Boss The Ephyra
Obstacles Lion Mane Jellyfish •  Jelly Crystal
Civilization Hub Jelly Temple
Dwellers Aurelias •  Blessed Aurelia
Recruit Essence