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Attire Sets consist of a Hat and a Suit fitting together (sometimes complemented by an Item). Almost all suits have a complimentary hat, but not all hats have a fitting suit.

They are usually added to the game together and unlocked at the same rank, but have to be bought seperately.

List of Sets[]

Hat Suit Unlocked by
Prison Cap Prison Garbs Landlubber 2
Farm Hat Farmer Attire Landlubber 3
Cowboy Hat Gunslinger Clothes Landlubber 4
Safari Hat Safari Suit Landlubber 5
Rain Hat Rain Coat Deck Swab 1
Clown Hat & Red Clown Hat Clown Outfit Deck Swab 3
Chef Hat Chef Attire Lackey 3
Southern Belle Hat Southern Belle Dress Cabineer 1
Baseball Cap Baseball Uniform Cabineer 2
War Bonnet War Chief Attire Cabineer 4
Homes Replica Hat Plaid Detective Jacket Crew Mate 1
Ringmaster's Hat Ring Leader Attire Crew Mate 4
Fancy Hat Fancy Suit Crew Mate 5
Prospector Hat Prospector Attire Sailor 3
Pirate Captain Hat Pirate Uniform Buccaneer 1
Bobby Hat Police Uniform Buccaneer 2
Court Official Hat Court Official Attire Quarter Master 2
Plague Mask Plague Attire Diver 1
Tam O' Shanter Celtic Kilt Diver 3
First Mate Cap First Mate Uniform First Mate 1
Ninja Mask Ninja Suit First Mate 3
Tiki Mask Grass Skirt First Mate 4
Pigeon Mask Pigeon Suit First Mate 5
Naval Captain Hat Naval Uniform Captain 1
Decapodian Mask Decapodian Costume Captain 4
Copper Hat Copper Jacket Captain 5
Trash Hat Trash Suit Rare drop from Trash Hermit