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Atom Ray
Cost 9,500 Gold
Unlocked at Rank13.png Acolyte 2
Shrink or enlarge the very atomic structures of foes, or friends!
~ Ingame Description

General Description[]

The Atom Ray is a unique item that allows it's wielder to shrink or enlarge not only themselves but other players and Enemies. Tapping the trigger will fire a shrinking projectile, causing the entity it hits to shrink. The reverse is true with holding down the trigger and then firing; the Atom Ray will fire a enlarging projectile, and will cause the entity it hits to enlarge.


Due to it's inability to deal any damage, the Atom Ray should not be used as the main method of attacking. However, enlarging an Enemy increases it's hitbox, allowing other players to attack them easier. In addition, shrinking an entity will decrease it's hitbox size. This can be applied on players to limit their odds of being hit by Enemies.



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