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Atlantic Waters
Layer 1
Light level Bright
Civilization Atlantean Ruins
Boss Quadken


The Atlantic Waters is one of the shallow water biomes in We Need to Go Deeper. It features a lush, colorful palette of ocean blues and features a variety of colorful undersea plants and creatures. It's one of the most diverse regions in the game, home to many animals you expect to find in a coral reef, as well as mysterious creatures unique to The Living Infinite. The boss of the Atlantic Waters is The Quadken.


The water in the Atlantic Waters is chock full of various kinds of undersea plant-life and microscopic organisms that thrive in its warm climate. As a result, a few different things can occur when Atlantic Water floods into your ship:

Algae - When enough Atlantic water gets into your ship, you can expect to see piles of Algae start to appear on the floor. This algae is harmless, but it is rather sticky, and will slow players down as they pass through it.

Sea Sickness - If you happen to ingest any Atlantic water, you can expect there to be a chance of getting Sea Sickness.


Enemy Picture Enemy Name Biome Exterior/Interior/Cave
centerframeless Shark Atlantic Waters Exterior
Tiger Shark Atlantic Waters Exterior
Swordfish Atlantic Waters Exterior/Interior
Duopus Atlantic Waters Exterior/Interior
Baby Duopus Atlantic Waters Exterior/Interior
Killer Clownfish Atlantic Waters Exterior
CrabScuttle 05.png
Atlantic Crab Atlantic Waters Cave
Flounder Atlantic Waters Exterior
Trident Lord Atlantic Waters (Only in Awakened Mode.) Exterior
Trident Prince Atlantic Waters (Only in Awakened Mode.) Exterior


At the bottom of the Atlantic Waters lies the Quadken.


This biome's civilization is the Atlantean Ruins, a ruined city populated by the mysterious Atlanteans.

Description Atlantic Waters
Enemies Roaming Enemies Shark •  Tiger Shark •  Swordfish •  Duopus •  Killer Clownfish •  Trident Lord (Trident Prince) (Awakened Mode only) •  Flounder
Cave Enemies Atlantic Crab •  Clam
Boss The Quadken •  (Baby Duopus)
Obstacles Seaweeds •  Sea Anemones •  Duopus Egg
Civilization Hub Atlantean Ruins
Dwellers Atlanteans •  Atlantean Healer
Recruit Atlantean Golem