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Angel Fish
Health(int.) 150
Biome Aurelian Depths
Appearance cave

The Angel Fish is a common enemy found in the caves of the Aurelian Depths.


The Angel Fish is a jellyfish like creature that floats just over the head of a player. It has a translucent, gelatinous body that is pale white in color. However, due to the water being pink, the jellyfish seems to take on a pink-ish color, allowing it to better blend into the background.


This creature that will attempt to revive the dead bodies of other creatures found within the caves of the Aurelian water. This creature also lacks any ability to attack and will do no damage to the player as a result.


Destroying the dead bodies of enemies will make the Angel Fish completely ineffective and defenseless. Destroying the fish itself is easy, as it does no damage and will always follow a player.

Description Aurelian Depths
Enemies Roaming Enemies Burrow Worm •  Crystal Nest (Crystal Boarder) (Awakened Mode only) •  Jellyfritz •  Micro Ephyra •  Regenerator •  Worm Maggot
Cave Enemies Angel Fish •  Crystal Bug •  Manowar
Submarine Interior Enemies Crystal Boarder (Awakened Mode only)
Boss The Ephyra
Obstacles Jelly Crystal •  Lion Mane Jellyfish
Civilization Hub Jelly Temple
Dwellers Aurelias •  Blessed Aurelia
Recruit Essence
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