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Description[ | ]

The AI Dungeon Master (AIDM) is a hidden system that is able to manipulate the game difficulty on the fly, helping make the game more fair by aiding struggling crews to survive and rewarding those that are more capable, by modifying the loot found in Expeditions, the Enemies you face in your journey and possibly much more.
It is unknown if it works seperately from the Time Traveller, but for the purposes of this page, it will be considered a separate system.

Known Effects[ | ]

Effects Description / Conditions Additional Information
Enemy Spawn Rate If the Submarine has no power allocated to Engines, the enemy spawn rate
is severely reduced due to the vessel emitting less noise.
The Enemy Spawn Rate used to increase further when more than 1
power was allocated to Engines. This, however, is currently removed.
Enemy Types If the Submarine has high power allocated to Shields,
Latcher-type enemies are more likely to spawn.
It is unknown if Shield Upgrades affect this.
Expedition Loot If the crew has many supplies, more Treasure Chests will be found in Caves.
Additionally, if more crewmembers lack a Backpack, they are more likely to spawn.
Treasure Chest drops are not affected by this.
Barrel Drops If the crew is running low on supplies, such as Fuel or Torpedoes,
Barrels will be more likely to drop those resources instead of Potions.
As potions last for the entirety of the run, they are generally considered
more valuable than those resources. More efficient crews are rewarded.